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Kriteria Pakar

Area Kepakaran

Cara Mendaftar

Kriteria Kepakaran

A. General criteria:

(1) Mandatory

a. Has experiences on civil service matters or has worked/ been working as civil service consultant in national and/or international level, especially in ASEAN countries.

b. Recommended by the relevant government institution/ other professional agency.

c. Fulfil the code of conducts (coc) as an expert for example aviod plagiarism and criminal case.

d. Be able to work independently (Independent term should be interpreted as free from outside interference with his/her work (integrity, truthful, etc).

(2) Optional

a. Be able to communicate in foreign language(s). b. Has experiences as a speaker(s) or presenter(s) in national/international forum which is relevant to his/her expertise, especially in ASEAN.

B. Specific criteria:

1) For academic expert: has scientific publication (research, article, book, policy brief) that has been published in media/national/international journal that is relevant to his/her expertise.

2) For practitioners: has a life time certificate/recommendation without renewal and experiences of Involvement in some event and agendas which is validated by authorities that is relevant with his/her expertise.

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